Level ll Coach

What is your jam: I am a big fan of basic lifts and secretly love conditioning - snatching is my favorite which is funny because I once vowed never to snatch again. Kettlebell training was a game changer for me and really catapulted my love for fitness to a new level - quite literally. It is what made me want to become a coach so that I could help others learn to use this amazing, functional tool. It also made me realize that a focus on functional movement was the direction I wanted to move towards. Ultimate Sandbags are a close second to the KB for me.  

Why you coach: It is no secret that I am a people person - So selfishly, the personal connection I am able to make with clients is a benefit for me as well as them. I want people to feel good about themselves and help them overcome challenges that I too have faced in my fitness journey. As a mother of two young girls it is really important to me to help people see themselves in a positive light and be able to practice self love all while getting and staying strong and healthy. Helping people achieve their goals is a real privilege.

Something funny about you: I am as clumsy as they come (and answering questions for a "coach bio" is a literal nightmare. )