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Tina Tangent - March 16, 2021

We can all agree...There’s a lot of trash on the interwebs. This is a longer rant, but lately this topic has really been grinding my gears! 😂 In my opinion, the most irritating and offensive of the "trash" isn't even the people who don't know what they are talking about... it is the people putting down other training methods and modalities. Listen, there is more than one way to skin a cat. And even MORE ways to get that cat STRONG 💪 -Kettlebells get you STRONG. -Barbells and Dumbbells get you STRONG. -Sandbags and unconventional tools like Maces, Clubs, Gada's, and all sorts of other sh*t...GET. YOU. STRONG. Find something YOU like, that makes YOU feel GOOD (physically AND emotionally), and stay consistent. Move weights around safely, follow a progressive program that you LIKE and find humans you LIKE. You won’t stick to something you dread in a place that doesn't feel comfortable to you (in person or online). It can be super simple, or it can be as jazzy as you like, but progressively overload your body... and keep at it for many many weeks and months. You WILL see results in strength, mood, body composition, sleep, energy...ALL OF IT. Also, please reconsider being a jerk and knocking other people's methods and modalities...k? I recommend spending your precious time worrying about YOU. You deserve it and are worth your time and energy 😘.

Go forth! Move weight...and for the love of the land, have a good time and a giggle doing it♥ Love,


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