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Tina Tangent - April 13, 2021

I feel you! Adding one more thing to your plate right now sometimes makes you feel like you would EXPLODE. Often times, goals can be come that extra pressure, but they don't have to be. A goal can be as small as you'd like. I challenge you to think about it as a promise to yourself to do something that makes you feel good. That seems so much nicer than something that crushes you and stresses you out...amiright?

Our health is paramount, especially now. Being healthy, having energy, moving our body, and being strong are so important for our physical and mental well being. So are having goals, achieving them and feeling a sense of accomplishment. Having said that, times have changed and the overall stress we are all experiencing on a daily basis has increased 10 fold. The last thing we all need is more pressure added to ourselves.

Instead of thinking of massive weight loss, big endurance events or big lifts, think about the small actions that can lead you to some of the end results you are looking for, and things that make you feel good.

Here's an example: your overall goal is weight loss and you are burnt out, exhausted, and feel like a slug most days, your hormones will go bananas, which can cause poor eating habits and will make you too exhausted to show up in LIFE let alone for a consistent workout. Your "goal" doesn't have to be to lose 30lbs, your GOAL can be to try to get to bed 15 min earlier each night this week, that's it...15 min! Then next week maybe you try to get to bed 15 min earlier than that. That small change will lead to more sleep, which will lead to more energy to train, a better metabolism and healthier hormone balance, better mind set for food and ultimately...weight loss. But it is ONE LITTLE THING, not a daunting weight goal.

What is your end goal?

What is one thing you can do to make yourself feel good so you can SHOW UP FOR YOUR LIFE?

If you need some help figuring it out I am here for you! Now is the PERFECT time to create that small goal and jump in on our Spring Fling Challenge 💪



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