Owner - Head Coach

What is your jam: Kettlebells are my JAM but training with Sandbags and learning the DVRT Ultimate Sandbag system has been a game changer for me.  The system has helped me and my clients build “real world” reflexive strength.  Personally, sandbag training improved my mobility, has helped me take my strength and conditioning to the next level.  It has not only kept me injury free but actually helped me rehab injuries that have been bothering me for years!

Why you coach: I like to show people they can be stronger than they ever imagined possible and do things they never thought they could. 

Something funny about you: There isn’t much that isn’t strange and funny about me… haha.  Perhaps the most hilarious is that I was a competitive figure skater. If you come to the gym you will see how NOT graceful I am and how often I fall so this is, in fact, VERY funny



Level II Coach

Whats your jam: My jam is KB complexes and a game changer for me was taking rest days. Once I started taking rest days I was able to get much stronger!

Why you coach: Ahhhhh my why........ is because I love helping people get stronger and at the end of the day knowing I helped make someone feel good about themselves is my why!

Something funny about you: I am not coordinated at all and can't jump rope if you want a good laugh ask me to jump rope :) 



Level II Coach

What is your jam: I am a big fan of basic lifts and secretly love conditioning - snatching is my favorite which is funny because I once vowed never to snatch again. Kettlebell training was a game changer for me and really catapulted my love for fitness to a new level - quite literally. It is what made me want to become a coach so that I could help others learn to use this amazing, functional tool. It also made me realize that a focus on functional movement was the direction I wanted to move towards. Ultimate Sandbags are a close second to the KB for me.  

Why you coach: It is no secret that I am a people person - So selfishly, the personal connection I am able to make with clients is a benefit for me as well as them. I want people to feel good about themselves and help them overcome challenges that I too have faced in my fitness journey. As a mother of two young girls it is really important to me to help people see themselves in a positive light and be able to practice self love all while getting and staying strong and healthy. Helping people achieve their goals is a real privilege.

Something funny about you: I am as clumsy as they come (and answering questions for a "coach bio" is a literal nightmare. )




Whats your jam: Coincidentally I have a newfound love for kettlebells but I’ve always had a thing for heavy barbell work, which transitioned to a more functional training style with a focus on mobility!

Why you coach: here is nothing better than seeing someone grow and giving them the tools they need to feel good! I love to push people and help them discover what they’re capable of.

Something funny about you: I grew up playing sports, and my personal favorite was my time as a flyer during my cheerleading days. Used to be able to balance on another humans hand, and I’ve blossomed into someone who trips over flat ground. Amazing




What is your jam: My jam was always to train like an athlete and to train my teams/clients like athletes - or to have a focus on improving performance. I realize not everyone is an athlete, but I believe that everyone can benefit from getting stronger, moving better, feeling healthier, and so on. I'm not necessarily zeroed in on one training modality, but like to incorporate a variety, and I'm constantly reading, listening, watching to improve my craft. 

Why You Coach: There aren't a lot of jobs out there where you can show up in sweatpants every day and goof around, but still help people feel good and crush their goals. 

Something funny about you: I'm Canadian.



Business Manager

Whats your jam: As much as I love Kettlebells, Sandbags and all the things inside the gym... my jam is long ass outdoor walks! I do a three mile walk almost daily. As a mom of two boys, walks listening to podcasts are my grounding, reset and personal time.

Why you work here: I started as a member! During my first 1:1 with Tina we realized we were best friends.  With my past life as a Member Services Manager at a country club it just made sense to join the MSC team when the time came.

Something funny about you: I laugh at my own jokes.  I find myself hysterical... probably more than anyone else does haha